Thriving Virtual Teams


How to collaborate effectively with colleagues across geographies.

This interactive program provides a learning environment that combines research, practical application, experiential exercises, and insightful discussions.  Participants will benefit from the open atmosphere and integrated content, with a focus on feasible solutions.


You work internationally – with colleagues in other countries, using technology for meetings, and responsible for results across geographies.

Most people try to work virtually the same way they do onsite, with mixed results, frustrations and misunderstandings.  It does not need to be like this.  You can develop the knowledge and competences to successfully lead virtual teams and work with remote colleagues. 

You can work with remote colleagues, customers and suppliers and achieve better results, create effective relationships and enjoy the experience.  We have reviewed years of academic research and translated this into practical applications and solutions, so that business leaders, teams and professionals can benefit from the robust theories and models from academia.  We often hear ‘I am glad the material is so practical’.


  • Know an extensive approach for working virtually, beyond tips and tricks.
  • Gain practical advice for building trust and developing successful collaboration with remote colleagues.
  • Develop an understanding of optimal task-technology fit for impactful communication with remote colleagues.
  • Learn new behaviors, which support effective virtual collaboration.
  • Commit to a new way of supporting and influencing colleagues who are remote.



  •  Structuring the virtual team
  • Designing the work flow
  • Building and maintaining trust
  • Independence versus interdependence

Building relationships:

  • Impact of working virtually on relationships
  • Addressing natural fault lines
  • Creating a shared identity
  • Choosing for shared leadership

Processes and communication:

  • Task/Technology mix
  • Formal versus informal communication

Bringing it all together:

  • What this means for you


Theresa is an experienced trainer, facilitator and team coach who has worked with Fortune 500 clients all over the world.  She has developed the practical application of academic research on the topic of working virtually with Professor Surinder Kahai.   Theresa has an interactive, engaging style for a learning environment that challenges current ways of working.

Feedback from Theresa’s previous Working Virtually workshops:

“This was one of the best leadership courses I have attended at (our company). It was a good blend of instructor led knowledge transfer followed by sharing of experience of students.”   Participant in Brazil.

“I believe this is a great course for managers or directors that have to work with people outside their native country.”  Participant in USA.

“Just extend it to as many participants as you can, it was awesome!”  Participant in Milan.


€ 525,00 p.p. incl. lunch
excl. 21% BTW

Max. 12 participants



Casa 400, Eerste Ringdijkstraat 4, 1097 BC Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  Map

Casa 400 is easily accessible by car and by public transport. By car, it is a short drive from the A10 Ring to Casa 400, with plenty of parking space in a large underground parking garage. When traveling by public transport, it is a 3-minute walk from the Amstel Station.  (If Casa 400 is not available on the desired date, we will use another location that’s easily accessible by both car and public transport