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Workshop Cross Cultural Collaboration

  • Hotel Casa 400, Amsterdam NL Eerste Ringdijkstraat 4 Amsterdam, NH, 1097 Netherlands (map)

Make sense of your cross cultural reality

Working across cultures can be an enriching, yet challenging experience. Often it is difficult to figure out the best way to collaborate with international colleagues and business-partners. How can you be more effective working across cultures? This one-day workshop forms the basis to address the dynamics of different cultures in the workplace.  We will help make sense of everyday reality and provide you with new ways to approach different perspectives. We will alternate short lectures with practical exercises on topics as:

  • Understanding national cultures; definition, culture clash, different ways of looking at cultures (Hofstede, Trompenaars, Lewis), intercultural adjustment 
  • Business case for improving cross cultural collaboration
  • The effects of cross cultural assumptions on management, negotiations and collaborations
  • Approaching cultural challenges more effectively

Who should participate? People who work in an international context and who would like to be more effective in their cross-cultural collaboration with colleagues, employees, business partners or clients.

As part of our preparation, we’ll send participants an online survey to ensure the program addresses the specific needs and context of each individual.

€ 450,00 incl. lunch
excl. 21% BTW

Max. 12 participants