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Working in an international setting; stimulating or stressful?

GSSS Career Event @ University of Amsterdam

Graduate School of Social Sciences

On Wednesday 20 May, a GSSS Career Event will take place. The Career Event is meant for all Bachelor’s and Master’s students of the College of Social Sciences and Graduate School of Social Sciences

One of the career workshops: 

13:00-14:00 - Working in an international setting; stimulating or stressful? 

Nita Korsten – Intercultural Business Professional 

Many of you may have taken courses on cross-cultural theories. Great stuff, but what does it actually mean to study or work in a diverse team? What seemed so exciting at first can turn out to be pretty aggravating. In this workshop we will cover:

  • What you can do to limit culture shock;
  • Why getting out of your Comfort Zone is actually a great idea!

Nita Korsten is a Dutch Intercultural Business Professional. Nita just returned from living and working in New York City where she co-founded Crust Young, a management consultancy that is active in both the Netherlands and the U.S., and that specializes in facilitating intercultural collaboration. She shows clients how to make sense of their cross-cultural realities and how to use diversity to their advantage. With over 25 years of experience as a trainer, consultant and managing director in an international company, Nita brings her knowledge and passion to each project!

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