Kathleen Czako | Senior Consultant

Kathleen Czako is a native English speaker and experienced Manager and Trainer. After college, Kathy spent the first ten years of her career in the United States, working in Marketing Management, mainly in Advertising and Media but also in Insurance and Market Research.  

She then moved to The Netherlands and worked for several years as a Marketing/Business Development Director in IT Market Research. In addition to her managerial role, she frequently trained Dutch colleagues to help them improve their English and business communication skills. This helped her gain a strong insight into how Dutch people use English and what their particular challenges are.  

Since starting her own company, Common Link, in 2003, Kathleen has worked with students from a variety of countries: the Netherlands, Italy, Greece, Germany, Poland, Finland, Thailand, Korea and more.  Language and cultural diversity have been very strong themes in Kathleen's life, both professionally and personally. She understands cross cultural communication having grown up in a bi-lingual household herself (Hungarian/English) and raising two bi-lingual children (Dutch/English).  

Crust Young and Common Link have a long-standing relationship and together we design and execute training programs on “Business English and Cultural Fluency”.