International Collaboration


Understanding and combining cultural strengths.

This interactive program provides a learning environment that offers a report on your personal cultural profile, various frameworks, practical application, experiential exercises, and lively discussions.  Participants will benefit from the open atmosphere and insightful content, with a focus on creating cultural synergy. 


You work internationally and you would like to be more effective in your international, cross-cultural collaboration with colleagues, employees, business partners or clients.

This workshop helps you understand and learn about doing business internationally. Effective international collaboration is the critical piece for achieving high impact performance. Working globally, opening foreign subsidiaries, and entering new geographies are heavily dependent on understanding and combining the cultural strengths of international teams.


This one-day workshop forms the basis to address the dynamics of different cultures in the workplace. We will help you to make sense of everyday reality and to provide you with new ways to combine different perspectives. Our other workshops use the content of this workshop as the foundation for further learning. 


  •  Know the essence of national cultures and what happens when cultures clash.
  • Identify the business case for improving international collaboration.
  • Recognize one’s own cultural convictions relative to that of others.
  • Learn ways to adjust to a varied cultural business environment.
  • Apply alternative ways to respect and use diversity to your advantage in international management, negotiations and collaborations. 



  • Identifying culture in the workplace
  • The business case for improving cross cultural collaborations
  • Various frameworks for understanding cultural values

Recognizing cultural convictions:

  • Making sense of your everyday cross cultural reality
  • Personal perspectives relative to those of others. Depending on nationalities of interest of the group we will focus on various geographies
  • Sharing experiences and discussing alternative views on management, negotiations and collaboration in the workplace

Creating synergy:

  • Using the diversity in the workplace to your advantage

Bringing it all together:

  • What this means for you


As preparation for this workshop you will answer the questions of the Culture Compass survey, developed by the Hofstede Centre. The survey helps you understand the impact of your own cultural preferences and increase your effectiveness in dealing with others.


Nita is an experienced trainer, facilitator and consultant. She shows clients how to make sense of their cross-cultural realities and how to use diversity to their advantage. With over 25 years of experience as a trainer, consultant and managing director in an international company, she has lived and worked in the USA, Germany, France and the Netherlands, and has worked with over 70 nationalities, Nita enjoys all opportunities to learn and connect across cultures.

Feedback from Nita’s previous International Collaboration workshops:

“Your workshop was a resounding success! The subject resonated with everyone and it was great how you drew people in and made it so interactive”

“I got some very interesting insights and a better understanding of how to deal with different cultures. What makes the other tick!” 

 “I’m very positive about what I’ve learned. I have 17 years of international work experience and still gained new and valuable perspectives.” 


€ 495,00 p.p.incl. lunch and personal cultural profile

excl. 21% BTW

Max. 12 participants



Casa 400, Eerste Ringdijkstraat 4, 1097 BC Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  Map

Casa 400 is easily accessible by car and by public transport. By car, it is a short drive from the A10 Ring to Casa 400, with plenty of parking space in a large underground parking garage. When traveling by public transport, it is a 3-minute walk from the Amstel Station.  (If Casa 400 is not available on the desired date, we will use another location that’s easily accessible by both car and public transport