Individual Coaching

With the results of the Intercultural Readiness Check (IRC) assessment tool, we will be able to set up an individual coaching program. We work on strengthening the essential intercultural competences of managers or team members, to find new ways to be culturally effective in their management tasks, commercial objectives or team collaboration. We focus on four crucial competencies:


Intercultural Sensitivity: how actively is the person interested in others and how much does she or he notice when interacting with people from other cultures.

Intercultural Communication: how effectively does the person adjust his or her own communicative behavior to the situation.

Building Commitment: to what extent does the person actively develop relationships and networks. How creative is the person in developing solutions that satisfy the interests of various stakeholders?

Managing Uncertainty: how well does the person deal with the complexities of cultural diversity and how effectively does she or he uses cultural diversity as a source of learning and innovation? 


In each coaching session we will focus on some of the strengths and some of the pitfalls, while providing suggestions for improvement.