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Our ABC Approach to helping your international business

The Crust Young Approach to improving intercultural business performance is straightforward. We have the tools and talent to help committed company leadership focus on developing their Intercultural Business Performance:


AWARENESS: The first step towards better intercultural business performance is to understand one’s own perspective relative to that of others. By using the highly effective Intercultural Awareness Profile, Crust Young is able to facilitate beneficial dialogue between team members, whether face-to-face or virtual. 

BEHAVIOR: Once teams have a better understanding and respect for other viewpoints, the next step is to assess and set goals for training culturally competent behaviors. The Intercultural Readiness Check provides invaluable guidance in determining areas for improvement at this stage.

CHANGE: The third step is to identify opportunities for positive change through gap analysis to help in the design of an organizational improvement program, including changing social dynamics, adjusting organizational frameworks, changing decision-making processes, modifying global and local responsibilities, and adapting HR or marketing strategies.


PERFORMANCE: By developing a company's ABCs, Crust Young can design a highly actionable plan to improve intercultural business performance. We also assist in choosing the relevant key performance indicators to measure and communicate progress as they move forward.


Program Brochure