Developing Your Intercultural Competency. Communicating in a Global Marketplace

Nita Korsten

Have you ever found that despite speaking in a shared language such as English, some things get lost in translation? Do you walk away from a meeting wondering, “I’m not sure how that went – did I say something wrong?” Or does your international team have subtle frustrations that keep coming up? You might chalk these interactions up as interpersonal difficulties. We propose that there might be another explanation. 

Eriksen Translations and Crust Young will organize an illuminating workshop led by Nita Korsten, in which we will talk about cultural competence in a global workplace, a critical issue for international managers. As you might have already found, it is not always easy to communicate across cultures. We are not just referring to language, but to the different and deeply-held assumptions people from across the globe have on the best way to do business. For example, different cultures have distinctive ways of conducting meetings, negotiating business deals, and managing employees. 

This interactive workshop is designed to strengthen your communication skills as an international manager and to teach you how people of different national backgrounds approach business. We guarantee you’ll experience quite a few “aha!” moments as you make the connections to your colleagues and internationally-minded peers. 

 Nita will lead an interactive presentation on: 

  • The impact of culture on your team; 
  • The seven dimensions of identifying cultures and understanding value patterns of your international team members; 
  • The effect of intercultural issues, both visible and hidden. 

Better awareness and understanding of the cultural differences within your team/ organization will help you: 

  • Improve communication between international team members and stakeholders; 
  • Maximize intercultural opportunities to realize your objectives. 

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