CRUST YOUNG CONSULTANTS are passionate about helping international organizations by improving cross cultural collaboration and implementing changes to create competitive advantage.


Partnering with Executive Teams

We help clients on an executive level to think and learn about doing business internationally, to adapt their strategies based on what they learn about the business cultures they deal with, and how it will affect their structure, business processes and teamwork.  read more 

Individual Coaching

With the results of the Intercultural Readiness Check (IRC) assessment tool, we will be able to set up an individual coaching program. We work on strengthening the essential intercultural competences of managers or team members, to find new ways to be culturally effective in their management tasks, commercial objectives or team collaboration.  read more 

Workshops and Training

Our open-enrollment workshops are especially designed for anyone working in an international context, from professionals who manage multinational teams to entrepreneurs who are looking to expand business across borders or cultures. For international companies, business clubs or other organizations, we provide tailor-made programs to fit your group’s particular needs. read more 

We offer interactive Cross Cultural Collaboration Workshops for teams and individuals eager to learn more about doing business across cultures or for international companies, business clubs and other organizations.


  NITA KORSTEN  |   Founder and Senior Consultant

NITA KORSTEN  |  Founder and Senior Consultant

  KATHLEEN CZAKO |  Senior Consultant

KATHLEEN CZAKO | Senior Consultant

  ROBERT PAUL SCHWIPPERT   |  Senior Consultant

ROBERT PAUL SCHWIPPERT  |  Senior Consultant

  THERESA SIGILLITO HOLLEMA   |  Senior Consultant



Interview (in Dutch) in FMN Connect Magazine with Nita Korsten about Internationalization and Innovation of Facilities Management. 

ING quotes Crust Young about doing business in the USA (in Dutch):

Listen to the interview (in Dutch) with Nita Korsten about doing business in the USA at Business News Radio